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From career milestones and new music releases to major announcements and more, Billboard editors highlight the latest news buzz in Latin music every week. Here’s what happened in the Latin music world this week.

A Montaner Reality Show

Multimedia company NTERTAIN, at the helm of Neon16’s Lex Borrero, Tommy Mottola and Range Media Partners, announced earlier this week the start of the development and production for its first original series, Los Montaner. The unscripted docu-series, executive produced by Borrero, will follow the daily life of the Montaner family: Ricardo Montaner, Marlene Rodriguez, Mau y Ricky, Evaluna Montaner, Camilo Echeverry, Sara Escobar and Stefi Roitman. Range Media Partners will co-finance the project, handling global sales of the series.

“This last year that passed, among other things, served as a way to spend more time together, more than ever, and to partake in profound dialogue about all that is going on, with our careers, personal and everything really,” expressed the family patriarch in a statement. “Within these conversations, we discussed our thoughts on us wanting to possibly do a show together and in this form convey to the world what family unity means to us… to communicate that together we can be happy amidst the circumstances, no matter what comes at us.”

C. Tangana’s NPR Tiny Desk Show

C. Tangana evoked feelings of camaraderie and warmth in his NPR “Tiny Desk (Home)” concert that dropped this week. Filmed at Casa Carvajal in Madrid, the Spanish star performed his hits from El Madrileño, in addition to “Me Maten,” a previously unreleased track featuring flamenco fusion artist Antonio Carmona. In a living room setting, portraying an intimate hangout with family and friends, C. Tangana was joined by his regular collaborators Alizzz and Victor Martinez, his mother Patri, aunt Pilar and close buddies, to name a few. Artists Kiko Veneno, La Húngara and Niño de Elche also joined the performance.

Shakira Celebrates Earth Day

On Earth Day (April 22), Shakira invited all of her fans across social media to “work together to repair our planet.” “As a member of the Earth Shot Prize Council, I’m calling on the world to give the earth a shot,” she expressed. “This Earth Day, let’s be inspired by the innovation of the past year and work together to repair our planet,” the Colombian artist added. Shak kept active on Twitter throughout the day, retweeting educational posts from Leonardo DiCaprio, Michelle Obama and UNICEF.

Carlos Vives & Ricky Martin on Fallon

This week, Carlos Vives and Ricky Martin performed their optimistic single “Cancion Bonita” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “I’ll see you dancing tonight,” Vives expressed on social media. “Ricky Martin and ‘Canción Bonita’ will arrive at New York, you can’t miss it.” “It’s called ‘Pretty Song’ and the title speaks for itself,” Martin previously told Billboard. “I mean, with everything that we’re dealing with at the moment, I think this is what we needed to release. He’s someone that I love and he’s my friend for many, many years,” he added of Vives.

Google Doodle Pays Tribute To Ñ

Friday’s (April 23) Google Doodle, at the helm of Barcelona-based artist Min, celebrated the letter “Ñ,” the only letter of the Spanish alphabet that originated in Spain. The letter officially formed part of the Royal Spanish Academy dictionary in 1803, and in 2010, the United Nations declared April 23 the official day to celebrate the Spanish language. “Ñ is not just a letter, but also a representation of Hispanic heritage and identity,” read a statement. Currently, the letter Ñ appears in more than 17,700 words in Spanish, including piñata, jalapeño, piña, niño and many more.

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