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Camilo is days away from dropping his sophomore studio album Mis Manos, but dropped  a new single dubbed “Machu Picchu” in collaboration with his wife, singer and actress Evaluna Montaner, on Monday (March 1).

The sultry slow-tempo urban pop track tells the story of two people who have crazy chemistry. “Tell me what you saw in me when you saw me, be honest/ Tell me what goes through your head when you think of me/ I know I’m crazy, but you’re crazier for noticing me,” go part of the lyrics.

The music video, co-directed by Evaluna and Santiago Achaga, shows the couple in an intimate bohemian setting.

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Fans have followed the couple’s relationship every step of the way: “When we just met, when we got married, when we moved together, when we went into our honeymoon,” he said in an interview with Apple Music. “We’ve been sharing all of those moments, and we really needed to share this intimate place that we’re talking about in this song.”

“Machi Picchu” marks Camilo and Evaluna’s second collaboration, following “Por Primera Vez.”

Watch the video below:

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