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You’ve forwarded all the memes, bought every mask and washed your hands so much they look like a couple of shiny beets. After months of outgoing one-term president Trump spreading disinformation about the election and the scary news about a new COVID-19 variant capping arguably the worst year in recent memory, is there anything left that can stir fear in your heart?

Cue the dancing robots. In the latest video featuring Boston Dynamics robots Atlas and Spot, the creepily life-like bots up the ante on their gymnastics and parkour tricks by doing a loose-hipped jig to The Contours’ signature 1962 hit “Do You Love Me?”

Both awe-inspiring and a possible impending sign of the robot apocalypse, the clip has a quartet of remarkably agile bundles of wires and motors hopping in the air, tapping their toes, doing the Mashed Potato and the Twist, the Running Man and some super spooky coordinated line dancing and fancy footwork that might make furloughed human performers shake in their sweatpants.

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The Boston Dynamics robot crew has danced before, but the smooth moves in their latest just dance video has noted artificial intelligence foe Elon Musk — who in 2018 called AI “an immortal dictator from which we could never escape” — well freaked out. “This is not CGI,” he tweeted on Tuesday (Dec. 29), one of many funny/scary/weird responses to the visual.

Check out some of the best below.

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