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Dylan Fuentes could be surrounded by loved ones or famous colleagues, but he’d still feel alone. He could be part of a star-studded lineup or in the middle of a photo shoot and he’d feel alone. In his new single “DF,” the Colombian artist opens up about his battle with anxiety and depression and the importance of raising awareness about mental health.

“I’m a voice and it’s valuable for me to share my experience,” he tells Billboard. “I want my fans to know that they’re not alone. I would’ve loved for a song to embrace me when I felt lonely. This has happened to me too and we will fight together.”

In the emotional ballad, released via Neon16 and premiering exclusively on Billboard below, Fuentes shows his vulnerability, singing about escaping his reality. “I chose this life/ I don’t know how or when/ But it’s killing me and I can’t take it,” he sings.

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He penned the song at a much-needed time.

“We are living at a time that the world is passing by so fast on social media. I know that right now, because of that and because of the confinement caused by the pandemic, many people are suffering inside or feel alone.”

Through his heartfelt lyrics and black-and-white music video, which shows Dylan the artist and Dylan the person, Fuentes wants to remind those battling with mental health struggles that they are not alone.

“I’m not a psychologist, I’m not a psychiatrist, I don’t know clear concepts, but what I try the most is to get away from stress and dedicate time to myself,” he concludes.

Below, watch the video for “DF.”

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