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First Stream Latin is a compilation of the best new Latin songs, albums and videos recommended by the Billboard Latin editors. Check out this week’s picks below.

Guaynaa, Los Angeles Azules, “Cumbia A La Gente” (Universal Music Latino)

When old-school artists team up with the newer generation, great things are bound to happen as heard in Guaynaa and Los Angeles Azules’ “Cumbia a la Gente.” As cliché as it may sound, the song fuses the best of both worlds: Guaynaa’s modern perreo and Los Angeles signature cumbia sonidera. Clarinets, trumpets, güiras, and other instruments shine in the hip-shaking bop. As ever, the Puerto Rican artist is witty and charming with his lyrics, even giving off Calle 13 “Atrevete” vibes at one point. The music video is just as playful, featuring both artists crashing a supermarket. – JESSICA ROIZ 

Grupo Firme, “La Cajetosa” (Music VIP Entertainment)

A group known for straddling banda and norteño, the Tijuana-based group goes full force with a banda/quebradita track reminiscent of the late early 2000s. The track starts off with an accordion but is then quickly powered by banda wind instruments. For this fun effect, the seven Grupo Firme members are joined by a full-blown banda at a park where they sing about a woman who captivated them with her over-the-top dance moves. — GRISELDA FLORES

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Gera MX, Christian Nodal, “Botella Tras Botella” (Gera MX/Virgin Music México)

Here you have a song that you and your buddies can sing at the top of your lungs when going through a breakup. Gera MX and Christian Nodal have joined forces on “Botella Tras Botella” (bottle after bottle) not only to sing about a love they’re trying to forget but also to flaunt their bromance. Lacing both of their genres, the song, produced by Erick Gutierrez Cervantes and Edgar Barrera, has acoustic Regional Mexican melodies with Hip-Hop undertones. “Botella tras botella ando tomando pa’ olvidarme de ella/ De ella, de ella nomás hablo en todas mis pedas,” says part of the chorus. In the VHS-inspired, black-and-white music video, we see Gera and Nodal hanging out with the boys and drinking their sorrows away. “If you love someone, don’t let her go so that you don’t have to dedicate a song like this one,” signs off Gera. – J.R.

Corina Smith, “Obviamente” (Rimas Entertainment)

Rising pop singer-songwriter Corina Smith gets real in her new track “Obviamente,” which deftly fuses pop melodies with catchy reggaetón beats. The message behind the cheeky lyrics is simple: to explore intimacy with whom you have a magnetic and passionate bond for a liberating experience. “I think many people will be able to identify with the message behind this song,” Smith said about the song produced by SubeloNEO and Caleb Calloway. “It’s like a tribute to those loves that are not necessarily romantic or passionate but are still exhilarating.” — G.F.

Natti Natasha x Becky G, “Ram Pam Pam” (Pina Records/Sony Music Latin)

Three years after dropping their smash hit “Sin Pijama,” Natti Natasha and Becky G teamed up once more for “Ram Pam Pam,” a hard-hitting reggaeton with Middle Eastern influences about a woman who’s no pendeja and has a message for her ex. “I won’t make mistakes again/ And much less with someone like you/ Who treats me bad/ I don’t get sad if I don’t see you/ You looked for it/ My heart doesn’t beg you, it’s an atheist,” Natti kicks off the track. The beat, lyrics, and vocal fusions are fire, easily becoming a summer anthem for the ladies. The music video shows both artists joined by a group of girls dancing at a basketball court. Like “Sin Pijama,” Prince Royce makes a camo. “Ram Pam Pam,” which samples Daddy Yankee’s “Ella Me Levanto,” is a sequel to Natti’s all-female perreo “Las Nenas,” featuring Farina, Cazzu and newcomer Duraca. – J.R.

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Leonel García, Dani Martín & Pedro Capó, “De Rodillas” (Sony Music México)

Leonel García takes a knee in his new song as he reflects on men’s toxic traits that have contributed to a sexist society. The Mexican singer-songwriter is joined by Puerto Rican powerhouse Pedro Capó and Spanish singer Dani Martín for this poignant track. “I ask you to forgive me. Nothing came out as planned. I haven’t been a good friend when you’ve been so loyal. I’m on my knees,” they sing. In the music video, the three are joined by other men who also take a knee as a symbol of remorse. “De Rodillas” is part of García’s album 45RPM due May 21. — G.F.

JonTheProducer, Mau & Ricky, Prince Royce & Piso 21, “Doctor” (Sony Music Latin)

French-American producer JonTheProducer (real name: Jon Leone) has reeled in Mau & Ricky, Prince Royce, and Piso 21 for “Doctor,” his first-ever track as an artist. Acoustic guitar riffs and pop-urban melodies, bring to life this slow-tempo bop about a man who’s not only trying to overcome a heartbreak, but realizes it was his mistake. “I wanted to heal your heart but I ended up breaking it/ For trying to be a doctor/ I ended up f—ing with your feelings,” says the chorus. The clever music video shows all eight artists trying to cope with their broken hearts at home. “Doctor” comes on the heels of Jon’s signing with Good Family Group in a joint venture with Sony Music Latin. — J.R.

Myke Towers, Lyke Mike (Warner Music Latina/Warner Records/One World International)

“Mirenme Ahora” sets the tone for Myke Towers’ third studio album Lyke Mike. On the opening track, Towers dropped a dramatic trap where he simply tells his haters: “Look at me now.” Lyke Mike, an ode to basketball, el barrio and, his biggest inspiration, Michael Jordan, is a comeback to the sound and lyrics that made Towers a household name: the underground rap scene. An ultra-personal production, with an album cover in the front of his childhood home in Puerto Rico, Towers narrates his struggles and successes as heard in “Cuando Me Ven,” “Joven Leyenda,” “Roncarme,” “Niveles” and “Maldita Envidia,” to name a few. Unlike his sophomore set Easy Money Baby, which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart, Lyke Mike steps away from commercial reggaeton and Latin R&B sounds and navigates the roots: hip-hop, trap, and drill. “The lyrics I wrote come with the same amount of heart I put into them when I first started on this journey,” Towers expressed in a statement. Collaborations on Lyke Mike include Mikey Woodz, Ñengo Flow, Jon Z and Sahir. – J.R.

{“nid”:”9562240″,”type”:”post”,”title”:”Myke Towers Breaks Down 5 Ultra-Personal Tracks on 'Lyke Mike' Album: Exclusive”,”relative_path”:”/articles/columns/latin/9562240/myke-towers-lyke-mike-album-essential-tracks-interview/”,”media”:{“width”:1548,”height”:1024,”extension”:”jpg”,”mime_type”:”image/jpeg”,”type”:”image”,”path”:””,”sizes”:[{“path”:””,”width”:1548,”height”:1024},{“path”:””,”width”:1548,”height”:1024}],”orientation”:”landscape”,”id”:”9561821″,”caption”:null,”credit”:null}}

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