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Bringing some light and hope during the global pandemic, more than 40 artists, athletes and actors have joined forces in “Himno a la Alegria,” Billboard can share.

Artists who participate in the star-studded song include Aitana, Alejandro Lerner, Alejandro Sanz, Alessia Cara, Alex Ubago, Ana Mena, Andrés Calamaro, Andrés Dvicio, Antonio José, Antonio Orozco, Brian May, Camilo, Carlos Rivera, David Bisbal, Dulce Pontes, Draco, Fher Olvera (Maná), India Martínez, Joy (Jesse & Joy), Juanes, Lali, Laura Pausini, Leire Martínez (La Oreja de Van Gogh), Luis Cobos, Macaco, Malú, Manolo García, Manuel Carrasco, Mau y Ricky, Melendi, Miguel Ríos, Mikel Izal, Nathy Peluso, Orquesta Mad4Strings, Pablo Alborán, Pablo López, Rosario, Rozalén, Sebastián Yatra, Vanesa Martín, and Coro Cantorum.

“It is a voice of harmony and hope, of brotherhood and of union. Values that represent us and that are now more necessary than ever,” reads an official statement. “But above all it is a voice of solidarity, for a kinder and more humane world.”

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The five-minute track, produced by Julio Reyes Copello in Miami’s The Art House Records, is to the beat of Christian hymn “Gloria in excelsis Deo.” In addition to the optimistic lyrics, Queen’s lead guitarist Brian May adds a rocking twist towards the middle.

“Himno a la Alegria” also marks the first time that Universal Music Spain, Sony Music Spain, and Warner Music Spain join forces. It’s distributed by Universal.

The music video, produced by Carbonería Cultural del Siglo XXI, and co-directed by Pino Sagliocco, Carlos Sánchez, Joseph Crossley, Paul Liddle, Will Alexander, and Joe Pérez-Orive, pays tribute to the frontline heroes of the pandemic.

It not only stars all 40 artists but also renowned athletes such as Rafa Nadal, Marc Márquez, Pau Gasol, Messi, Ona Carbonell, Luis Figo, Vicente del Bosque, Simeone, Carolina Marín, and Clara Azurmend, to name a few, but it also features actors such as Ángela Molina and Paz Vega with her son Lenon.

Watch it below:

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