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Chloe Fineman’s spot-on take of Britney Spears was back on April 3 for another segment of “Oops You Did It Again” on Saturday Night Live. This time, the talk show that “shines a light on the social pariahs of the week” took a look at headline makers Lil Nas X, Pepe Le Pew, and Matt Gaetz.

The sketch kicked off with Chris Redd as the 21-year-old rapper, who faced criticism in recent days over the music video for his new single “Montero,” which features the artist sliding down to hell on stripper pole, where he gave Lucifer a lap dance. He also caught heat for his new sneakers, which allegedly have a drop of human blood in them.

“Why are they so upset?” Spears wonders about his detractors.

“Because they’re close-minded idiots? People are afraid of me because I’m different, but really I’m just your typical gay black country rap sneaker entrepreneur. I put my pants on like everyone else — one a–less chap at a time,” joked Nas.

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He also pointed out a fun fact for the religious folks upset about his intimate dance with the devil. “I would say, ‘You know that wasn’t the real Satan, right?’ It was a dude in a Halloween devil costume because the real Satan doesn’t do, like, music videos. So maybe chill?”

Spears then asked — for the sake of fairness — whether the rapper would also twerk on God. As Lil Nas X agreed to do so, God (Mikey Day) came out, sat down on the couch, and received a racy little dance.

“Should I again remind people that was not the real God?” Lil Nas X asked after he finished. “That was just my friend Gary.”

The sketch also discussed problematic skunk Pepe Le Pew (Kate McKinnon) and his firing from the Space Jam sequel, as well as Florida congressman Gaetz (Pete Davidson), who is facing allegations he violated federal sex trafficking laws.

When Gaetz suggested that perhaps he also needed to give a lap dance, Lil Nas X fired back, “If you come anywhere near me, just remember I have hip-hop friends and country friends, the two populations that are guaranteed to own guns.”

After NBC’s long-running comedy show’s latest episode aired, the rapper himself reacted to the sketch, tweeting a photo of Redd twerking on God. He spelled out simply, “snl going to hell.”

Watch the sketch below and see Lil Nas X’s tweet:

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